Tips for Buying Mens Boardshorts

Important Points: The Look, Fabric, Feel, Comfort, Quality and Features

Mens boardshorts are suitable for all men tall or short. Follow these useful tips when buying boardshorts that are both fashionable and functional to contend with the sand, the sea and the sun, no matter who you are.

The Look

The look of your boardshorts is very important and there are colours, colour combinations, designs and patterns to suit every taste. Plain, solid colours are a good choice if you are short and patterns or colour combos a good choice if you are tall and thin.

The Fabric

The fabric used to make boardshorts should be lightweight and quick drying - usually polyester or a mixture of polyester and elastine allowing for some movement when surfing, swimming or boarding.

The Feel

The feel of the modern day pair of boardshorts has come a long way since their first appearance. Today boardshorts manufacturers are using a suede, microsuede or wax comb finish that feels soft and doesn’t cling.

The comfort

For extra comfort some boardshorts come with an inner mesh sports short that helps to keep the wet material away from the body. This feature also offers built-in support. Alternatively, for those who don't want to free ball it or go commando you may choose to wear budgie smugglers (Speedo's, swim briefs) underneath.

The Quality and Features

There are a number of added features with some brands of boardshorts which vary between styles. Strong elastic waistbands are most important along with drawstrings to help keep the boardies up even when you wipe out and velcro adjustment tabs on the hips can be added security. Strong stitching is also desirable and some boardshort manufacturers use a seamless method to help avert itching and chafing when in the salt water for long periods of time. Good Velcro fly fastening is a must and a key pocket with an elastic key loop on the leg of the shorts is quite useful – check for eyelet drainage holes in the bottom of the pockets so as they don’t fill up with water. Extra tabs to hold rash vests in place are handy as well as wax comb included with many of today's leading brands which is used to apply wax to your surfboard or rough it up for better grip.

Additional Tips Buying Boardies

Tall Mens Boardshorts

Bold print, patterned and multi-coloured boardies best suit tall, thin men with long slender legs. It is also an advantage for you to wear the full length or knee length boardshorts.

Short Mens Boardshorts

Shorter length boardshorts best suit short men as these will show more leg length. Solid colour boardies are also recommended so as to create an illusion of height or length.

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