Boardshorts A Brief History

Also known as Boardies, Baggies, Half Jams, Togs, Cossies, Swimmers and Bathers

The first mens boardshorts appeared in the late 1960's with the alteration of the standard stubby shorts. The popularity of these longer shorts grew along with the surf culture of the day. Since that time changes have been made to make boardshorts more comfortable and to be able to move with the rider. More durable and lightweight materials are used for comfort and quick drying and over time many new features have been incorporated. By using better materials and technology boardshorts as we know them today have emerged.

With the enormous growth in the popularity of boardshorts surf companies such as Billabong, Quiksilver and Rip Curl, have been quick to add new styles to their range of surfwear. Boardshorts were originally designed for wear by surfboard riders but in recent years boardshorts made in a wide range of styles, bright colours and of high quality fabrics have become a significant item of clothing not only in surf culture but a fashionable item of everyday clothing worn at the beach, poolside and on the streets by men, women and children of all ages.

From the original typical Hawaiian floral motifs to a more contemporary way of thinking boardshorts are designed with art, patterns and prints giving a fresh new look to contemporary surfwear. Every person who wears boardshorts can have their own unique look and flavour. Design criteria is still functional purpose built for manouverability but with truly creative artworks in high fashion. Boardshorts are used just like a canvas with geometric designs or loose painted artworks. Artists include Josh Gurrie, Scott Richards and Peter 'Webby' Webb to name just a few.

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