Bali Holiday Cost

bali holiday cost

How much does a Bali Holiday cost?

How much does a Bali Holiday cost?

How much does a Bali Holiday cost?

One of the many awesome things about Bali is that a Bali holiday can cater for people on every budget.

Bali has everything from cheap homestays and bungalows through to luxurious five plus star resorts.

So if you’re wondering how much does a Bali holiday cost, the answer depends on what you’re looking for.

For budget travellers you can still find plenty of accommodation options for as little as $8-$10 per night. This will usually buy you an older style room with a fan and simple bathroom and may have a small balcony looking out onto a garden. We think that many of these older style bungalows have a lot more character than many of the concrete block hotels that have been built in Bali over the past 10 years.

You can rent a motorbike for about $5 per day and you can eat at a local Warung (restaurant) for as little as $1-$2 for a satisfying meal. If you enjoy a beer, the a small local Bintang beer usually costs about $1.40 from the store or about $1.80 from a simple beach bar or warung. So, if you’re on a budget holiday Bali is certainly a place where you can have a great time at low cost.

For families and those wanting a little more comfort there are literally hundreds of hotels offering rooms with breakfast and good amenities in the range of about $30-$100 per night. Usually the higher end spend will get you a resort type feel with garden areas, swimming pool and sometimes direct beach access. Rooms will be air conditioned and most will have a large selection of TV channels on offer.

Unlike the early days of tourism in Bali, over the past 20 years Bali has developed into a foodies delight. Locals and expatriates from all over the world have established speciality restaurants so that now you can choose almost any cuisine and find somewhere to satisfy you with high quality produce and first class chefs. When considering how much does a Bali holiday cost, food is of course one of the biggest expenses – or at least it can be. So when doing your Bali holiday budget, you can dine from the simple local warungs for $1-$2 right up to Michelin star restaurants charging the sort of prices you’d expect to pay in any major city around the world.

If you have money to spend and its luxury you are after, then there are no shortage of options in Bali. These include resorts like Amankila, Four Seasons, Mulia, Kempinski, Ritz Carlton, St Regis and many more.

So the question, what does a Bali holiday cost, has many answers depending on who you are and what you’re looking for. But one thing is for sure, Bali caters to all, no matter what your budget.

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