Bali Seafood

Best spots to enjoy Bali seafood

A few of the best seafood spots in Bali

Best spots to enjoy Bali seafood

If you love seafood then you’ll be in heaven with all the scrumptious Bali seafood on offer all over the island.

Fisherman usually head in their colourful Junkungs (local fishing boats) in the late afternoons, bringing back their fresh catches straight to the market and restaurants the next morning, all ready to be expertly prepared for you using local herbs and spices and cooked over a coconut husk barbeque.

Easily the most famous place to enjoy Bali Seafood is Jimbaran beach, located between Kuta and Nusa Dua on the southern side of the airport.

Jimbaran is home to Bali’s biggest seafood market as well as numerous beachside restaurants offering their fresh Bali seafood including fish, shrimp, lobster, squid and shellfish. Prices can vary considerably and for those more attuned tourists, you may like to check whether you’ve been offered the “tourist menu” or the “local menu” as the price difference can be considerable.

The restaurants all have candlelit tables on the beach so the usual thing is to get there for a sunset drink and then to tuck into your meal after the sun goes down.

The seafood market is in the northern corner of Jimbaran up towards the airport. If you’re in the area in the mornings or early afternoon its quite an eye opener to wander through and see all the amazing seafood on offer.

Why not, do like the locals and buy something direct from the seller, then just outside the market you will see several places that will cook for you for less than $1 an item which you can then eat right there on the beach. Yum!

In addition to Jimbaran, you will find many speciality Bali Seafood restaurants in all the tourist hotspots and anywhere for that matter as it’s not just tourists that love Bali seafood!

Some of the more well known restaurants to enjoy Bali seafood include, Warung Mak Beng (a local favorite in Sanur), Sardine in Kerobokan, Seasalt in Seminyak, Urchin in Seminyak, Rock Bar in Jimbaran and Sarong in Kerobokan.

Best spots to enjoy Bali seafood
Best spots to enjoy Bali seafood
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