Shopping in Bali

Which are the best places to shop in Bali? If you are planning a Bali vacation, check out this post for a few recommended locations to shop for exotic apparels and souvenirs in Bali.

Best Places To Shop in Bali

best spots to shop in bali

Bali Shopping - Tips to find the most exotic gifts, souvenirs and apparels (like Bali boardshorts) in Bali.

Shopping in Bali

If its Bali shopping you’re looking for on your holiday, you’ve come to the right place. Bali has it all from traditional markets, boutique stores and several shopping malls.

Bali is a hive of innovation with numerous local and overseas designers calling Bali their home and offering their wares whether it be clothing, jewellery, surf products, homewares, personal care products or furniture. There are also many of the world renowned brands with a presence in Bali.

So whoever you are whatever you’re looking for these are our tips for Bali shopping.

The center of fashion and higher end shopping in Bali is Seminyak with many stores also now opening in Berawa, Canggu and some in Ubud. You will find many local designers with small boutiques in these areas, often with prices not that different to those in Europe, USA, Australia etc

Over recent years there has been an expansion of shopping malls in southern Bali. There are 4 main shopping Malls in the Kuta area. Discovery Mall, Lippo Mall, Beachwalk. Discovery and Lippo Mall are more traditional malls with indoor trading whilst Beachwalk is more open air, located right on the beach road in Kuta. Other large and well known malls are Mal Bali Galleria (close to Kuta area but off the beach), Bali Collection in Nusa Dua and Trans Studio Mall on the main road to Denpasar.

If you are looking for cheaper local shops/markets, they can be found in most areas but some of the more well known concentration of these shops are in Poppies 1 and 2 in Kuta, the area known as the Art Market, also in Kuta, the Sanur Beach Markets, Sukawati Markets on the way to Ubud and the Udud markets.

At these local stores it is expected to haggle over price and you will often be able to buy things at about half the first asking price. Having said this, please use your best judgement and remember the locals can usually use a little extra more than you, so even though you might be arguing over thousands of rupiah, remember to convert it back into your own currency and decide what a fair price for you and for the seller might be.

It might just be that the few thousand rupiah you are arguing about is just 50 cents or a dollar for you, so maybe better to let the local have a small win.

The malls and other stores tend to be all “fixed price” but there is no harm in asking for a better deal and the salesperson MIGHT have some room to move on price.

There is no shortage of Bali shopping opportunities so bring some spending money and enjoy all that Bali shopping has to offer.

Shopping in Bali

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Shopping in Bali


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