Shopping in Bali

Which are the best places to shop in Bali? If you are planning a Bali vacation, check out this post for a few recommended locations to shop for exotic apparels and souvenirs in Bali.

Best Surf Shops in Bali

best spots to shop in bali

Best Shops To Buy From - Here are some of the best shops to buy boardshorts, beach wear and other exotic souvenir from.

Best Surf Shops in Bali

With so many surf shops making their homes in Bali, the mantel of best surf shop in Bali is a difficult one to attain.

Being one of the surfing capitals of the world Bali has a thriving surf industry comprising everything from the major international brands to boutique brands operated by a mix of locals and Bali expats.

Their surf shops offer everything the traveling surfer needs. There are a wide range of surfboard brands now available at competitive prices, usually somewhere between US$350-$600.

You can find all the accessories you need like wax, leashes, repair kits, booties, rash vests and surf hats.

One accessory you wont be needing is a wetsuit.

Having said that, some people do get a little cool in July, August and therefore might wear a 2mm wetsuit top or suchlike. Along with all this is the usual array of boardshorts, t shirts, bags and other surfwear.

The Indian ocean surf hits the south and east coasts of Bali so you’ll find surf shops in these areas.

Best Surf Shops in Bali

The highest concentrations of surf shops are in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Berawa, Padang Padang and Sanur.

Competition is high, so those seeking the title of best surf shop Bali  make considerable investments in their retail spaces to create a lively, vibrant place to shop and somewhere you want to be.

Many compliment these retail spaces with cafes and bars to encourage you to stay even longer for your retail therapy.

Some of our contenders for best surf shop in Bali include.

Best Surf Shops in Bali
  • The Ripcurl flagship store on Sunset Road Kuta stocks a wide range of their merchandise and a good selection of known brand surfboards.

  • The Channel Islands store in Padang Padang is stylishly merchanised with its signature surfboard brand, clothes and accessories.

  • Bistro St Tropez in Seminyak has a wide range of boardshorts and beachwear. Best thing about Bistro St Tropez is you can also shop online have them deliver to your doorstep. Here's their Shopify online store.

  • The Deus Ex Machina Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu has a café along with boards, motor bikes, and clothing.

So when you’re next in Bali, if you’re looking for the best surf shop Bali, try these and let us know which one gets your vote.

Shopping in Bali

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The Bistro St Tropez DNA is built in the spirit of Bali and Phuket paradise beaches, resorts and tropical hot spots.

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Shopping in Bali


Where To Buy  Original Bistro St Tropez Bali Board Shorts


Where To Buy  Original Bistro St Tropez Bali Board Shorts


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