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Which are the best places to shop in Bali? If you are planning a Bali vacation, check out this post for a few recommended locations to shop for exotic apparels and souvenirs in Bali.

Best Beaches To Surf  in Bali

best spots to surf in bali

Best Beaches To Surf in Bali - Find out more about the top 5 surf beaches in Bali.

Find out more about the top 5 surf beaches in Bali

There is probably no where else in the world with so many world class surf beaches than Bali.

Surf Beaches in Bali

Surf beaches in Bali include Kuta, Legian, Canggu, Balian, Medewi, Airport Reefs, Balangan, Dreamland, Bingin, Impossibles, Padang Padang, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua, Searangan, Sanur and Keramas.

In the dry season with the trade winds from the east, the best surf beaches in Bali are on the west side of the island (for example, the Kuta, Uluwatu, Canggu, Balian areas) whereas in the wet season the predominant westerly winds make the east side of Bali better for surfing (like Nusa Dua and Sanur).

Choosing the top five surf beaches in Bali is a subjective thing as every surfer has a different idea about what makes a great wave and surf beach, however there is no doubt that our list includes some of the premier options and are part of the reason surfers travel from all over the world to surf in Bali.

For a spectacular wave with a long barrel/tube section, you can’t go past Padang Padang. The waves requires at least a medium sized swell and is usually best on a lower to mid tide. With a beautiful small white sandy beach at the bottom of the cliffs, the location is perfect for both surfers are spectators alike.

Just around the corner from Padang Padang is probably the most iconic wave in Bali, Uluwatu. With warungs scattered along the cliff tops for great viewing and the entrance to the surfbreak via the Uluwatu cave, it’s a special place for surfers. Uluwatu picks up lots of swell so is surfable most days and it holds anything from small waves through to gigantic swells breaking along different section of the long reef. With a number of take off sections the wave caters for quite a large crowd, however even so, over recent years the large crowds has become a bit of a problem for those wanting a more relaxing surf.

Impossibles isn’t called that for nothing. Some waves tend to shut down too fast however every now and again, especially when it’s a big bigger, the waves will stand up and give you the ride of your life for several hundred meters under the cliffs towards Bingin.

Another of the popular surf beaches in Bali, located on the east coast is Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua is a long reef with numerous take off spots from up towards the temple all way down towards chickens nearly 1 km away. With strong currents and waves arriving from the deep water trench between Bali and Lombok, Nusa Dua can be a challenging place to surf but can also provide you with some memorable waves and times.

Our final choice of best surf beaches in Bali is Keramas, also on the east coast. Keramas offers a short, fast barrelling wave just off the beach and has become one of the must go to places in Bali. With a small take off zone and often large crowds, it can be a challenging place to surf but if you get the chance and are lucky enough to score, it will provide you with more great memories of the wordclass surf Bali has to offer.

Impossibles - Bali Surfing

Keramas - Bali Surf

Shopping in Bali

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Shopping in Bali


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